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We don't need anything but food and water but here are the things I WANT WANT WANT!

9:27 AM 11/20/2004

The "affordable" category (prices start at $10!):

1. "Tech Book" from M.A.D. Electronics
2. "Start M Up Kit" from M.A.D. Electronics
3. A digital Multimeter
4. "Car Talk" books and CD's (any or all!)
5. Brand New Heavies CD called Heavy Rhyme Experience Vol.1
6. Miyozaki DVD box set (rare, import, try Little Tokyo or Internet) - UPDATE - bought this one!
7. Robotech "ReMastered" DVD box sets (I already have Vol.1) - UPDATE - forget about this one. I was banking on the fact that they would make a "master" box set and now they have. Good thing I waited! Now I want the "Robotech Protoculture Collection."
8. G-Force DVD box set (sometimes called Battle of the Planets)

The following are more of the expensive or "just dreaming" items I long for:

1. "Really Nice Compressor" by FMR Audio.
2. "Big Knob" by Mackie
3. EMU 0404 sound card - UPDATE - off my list for now, I am pretty happy with ProTools for now.
4. EMU 1820M Digital Audio System - UPDATE - off my list, see above.
5. 55' or higher HDTV capable Mitsubishi T.V. - UPDATE - I bought a projector and a screen for my slideshow business so a big tv is no longer in my plans.
6. Athena surround system. - UPDATE - This one I finally bought for myself but now I need a new receiver to go with it!
7. Pioneer VSX-1015TX Receiver
8. Flowmaster 50 Series SUV/Performance mufflers for the Chevelle. The ones I have now are the original 40 series and they are LOUD. It would be nice to talk in the car. Either these new mufflers or some Flowmaster resonators should do the trick.

more to come of course...

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