Aria Pro II SB800 Bass for Sale

1:17 PM 5/17/2001

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This bass is SOLD!

I'll leave the description and soundclips up for old times sake!

This is a beautiful bass. I really don't want to sell it but Uncle Sam is on my back this year! It is a 1980's Aria SB800 neck-through dual pickup model. It has a 24-fret neck with EMG pickups that give it a very full sound similar to a Jazz bass. It constantly reminds me of a Marcus Miller type of a sound. The headstock is slightly angled back. The slap sound is pretty awesome. The low E rings out nice and clear. Below are some mp3 clips you can download to hear this bass in action. These clips were recorded completely flat straight through my sound card without compression or eq. With a tube amp and some speaker growl you can get a good aggressive rock sound. Roll off some treble and play through some clean power for Latin gigs. You're set with this bass. This picture does not do justice to the beautiful finish or craftmanship of this bass. As a plus, it is quite light in weight. Sorry, no case.

UPDATE 4:13 AM 8/18/01 I have been doing some research and I just thought I would point out a couple of things. This bass is most likely an SB Elite as opposed to an SB800. I identified it as an SB800 because of the extreme similarity to the current SB800 sold in Japan . Apparently, the fancy inlays and electronics make it an Elite. Speaking of electronics, the EMG's sound great but are not original. The 2 little switches on the bass do nothing at the moment. One last thing, only the top picture is the actual bass. The bottom picture is from which is an awesome bass site. (Thanks, Jon)

Here are the mp3 sound files. Just click on the description to download.

This is a simple fingered lick on each string.
This is an example of muting the bass for a mellow sound.
This is a slap lick covering each string.
This is a slap lick featuring the low E.