Planning it out

The current state of this '66 Malibu.

Using my crude Photoshop skills I created these next photos using American Racing wheels.

This is one of my favorite wheel choices but as you can see this Chevelle is way too high up front for my taste. The only mods from stock so far are Hotchkis springs in the back (which give the car a 1" drop) and KYB shocks. I did this first as the original rear springs were bottoming out all over the place.

The next step was factoring in the rake I wanted. I would be happy with a "straight" look as well but anyway...

The Hopster wheels again.

The Torq Thrust look.

These Salt Flats may be the winner.

SO, my big dilemna is this:

I want to bring the car the best possible handling I can using the Global West negative roll products BUT I am unsure of what my stance would be using those products. I read the Global West site up and down and they recommend you stick to their specs and not go with lower front springs in the front for example. Their spring does not lower at all but the tall spindles do lower the front 1 inch.

Very cool reading at and
if you are interested in their stuff.

Maybe use their products and use the tires to make up the stance?

My other plan is to forget the Global West setup and just stick to the standard parts and use the 1" or 2" lowering springs in the front. I plan to use a 245/50 up front and 265/50 or 285/50's in back. All on 16" rims. This alone would give me a 1 to 2 inch height difference front to back so once again I am not sure how much to lower it in front. My '71 Demon with torsion bars was so much easier to deal with but oh well!

Any thought and suggestions are MOST welcome, especially if you have used the Global West products. I know they're expensive but there are a lot of rice rockets I would like to show a lesson out here...ha ha ha!