The Denis Boder Tribute Pages

February 15, 1973 - October 19, 2003

This page is dedicated to Denis yet it belongs to everybody. I would like to celebrate his time with us and invite you to share your memories.


A foreword,

Late Sunday night October 19, 2003 our dear and beloved brother Denis Boder passed away. He will be remembered for his incredible talent as a performer and songwriter. Born for the stage, you couldn't forget his screaming electric violin or his powerful voice. Those of us who had the fortune to perform with him can attest to playing with a musician's musician. The force of Music flowed through him. His light burned shortly yet it has burned bright. May this light lead us to you my brother. I hope you have found peace in your new life. We love you and we miss you.

Doing what he loved best. Floor 13 at the Gaslight.

I wrote this song called Runaway for Denis when his father passed away. It seems to speak to him now.

Denis was a very influential person. Here is what Greg Kupka, son of our revered music proffesor Craig Kupka, expressed:

The Seed

It was a cold night in the fall of 1990 when Denis changed my life. Denis Boder, a student of my dad's at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, played a cherry red Zeta electric violin in a combo rooted heavily in Fusion-Jazz music. I attended the concert, LACHSA's annual fall jazz showcase, with my mom, having no idea what I was in for. I sat, mesmerized, as Denis ripped the hairs out of his bow sawing that red violin and making music in way that I'd never thought possible from a violin -- from that moment forward, I knew what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. -------

Here is a clipping from a Rock City News article.


Hey Rob Z, where the heck are you now?

Here are some pictures from the gathering for Denis at Saint Nick's Pub. Click here

Here are a bunch of shots from our time with Denis as musicians and performers. A big thanks to Rachel Moya who supported us on countless shows along with our promoter Chief. Rachel, thanks for all the pictures you contributed to this section. Click here