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Date with Dizzy is, foremost, a group of musicians and friends who have been making music for more than a decade. Since they can remember Denis, Greg, Joaquin and Zuma have been creating solid, yet funky grooves layered with abundant musical harmony & melody.    

Denis Boder (lead vocal/rythymn guitar/electric violin) was born in Moscow, Russia. Greg Revuelta (lead guitar), Joaquin Revuelta (drums) and Zuma Arechiga (bass guitar) are native to Los Angeles. In 1995, after the usual reformations and name changes throughout the previous years, DwD teamed up with John Baxter (as Producer) previously in Reflex, who recorded the #1 hit The Politics of Dancing.     
    Collectively and individually the band’s influences are quite diverse. Specifics include The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, ELO, Duran Duran, Syd Barrett, 70’s disco-funk, and anything created with passion & soul.
    Awaiting their debut album release, DwD is playing, rehearsing, and writing in the Los Angeles area. So what does DwD sound like?
   Imagine a Zeppelin groove seamlessly interwoven into a Beatles harmonic structure and you create a glimpse of the DwD live experience.