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For anybody who is still wondering or doesn't know yet-

I have left Date with Dizzy. What happened? Mostly, I am just too busy with work. I was in the band since we were called Indigo in 1989. It came to a point where I just wasn't excited about playing like I knew I should have been. It was only fair to bow out gracefully than stay in the band with a bad attidude for everybody's sake. I wish the guys all the luck in the world.

It's been awesome to just be able to come home and not worry about rehearsal or a show or whatever. It really is a lot of hard work that I just wasn't willing to do anymore. Yet, I will always be a musician first and foremost. I'm looking forward to recording my own songs in my home studio when time allows. I'll take a project here and there. Mostly I'm staying away from a band or any other long term type of thing. Before the trip to Japan I played a couple of Jazz gigs with Marty and Mark Thomas. Those are always fun.


I think the new Duran Duran album, Pop Trash, is awesome. My favorite track is Starting to Remember. I love the time feel. I think it's 10/8 but I haven't really sat down with it. I went to two of the House of Blues shows. As usual my brother Uly taped one of the shows. It came out O.K. I'm "mastering" it a bit with Cubase VST. I'm thinking of setting up a freediskspace.com sort of thing to upload some mp3's to. Hmmm....we'll see...I'd really like about 1 Gig of space on a fast kick-ass server somewhere...

8:50 PM 12/14/2000
Mike Boggio (Chile Verde drummer) and Katy Savage are married and Jose Ramirez (Chile Verde trumpetist) is engaged to Norma!

Lately, I've been listening to the new U2 album. I can't get enough of "Stuck in a Moment." Jeff Buckley is always on my mind...Just had a gig this last Saturday the 9th of December with "The Cosmic Three"- meaning Marty, Mark and myself playing Jazz. Make sure your contract states "the band shall have a warm place to sit at all times." We were freezing our asses off in Marina Del Rey.

12:42 PM 5/24/01
I haven't updated this page in a while. Sorry! First I will update what I have written about before. First of all I don't know what the fate of Date with Dizzy will be. I definitely have not played with them since. Joaquin and brother have divorced citing irreconcilable differences. Denis just got back from Las Vegas where he wrote and produced a project for another artist. Our former producer John Baxter is working with a hot new talent. I will keep you posted.

I've been keeping a low profile with the live shows. Mostly I've just been trying to hone my guitar and songwriting skills. Work sucks and my future in the work world is rather uncertain...I never did master that Duran Duran House of Blues show. I decided it was just not worth it, sonically speaking.

I really like listening to Coldplay's new album Parachutes. You know, they sing the song "Yellow." Give the rest of the album a chance if you can.

My girlfriend Chondra and I are tapioca tea fiends. I especially like Taro tea from this French-Vietnamese sandwich shop called Balé. I could drink a gallon of that stuff. Their sandwiches are pretty good (and cheap), too.

Jose Ramirez is getting married July 21st and Alfred and I are the best men! I am also Anne's daughter's Godfather-to-be on May 27th. Her name is Trinity. It's a busy time right now.

I have written a small story about my road to being a musician. Click HERE for the story.

4:03 PM 8/12/2001
I just attended my ten year high school reunion. I had an awesome time. For the first time in about 3 years Schmed, Denis, Jerry and I were in the same room at the same time. Where were you Marty?! I'll try to say hello to all that I remember! Hello Babette, Bethany, Joe, Girardo, Robynne, Christina, Jennifer (both of you), Grigor, Cory, Paco, Sharmila, Steve, Vanessa, Rosanna, and the rest of you I forgot! (Hey, I'm on 3 hours sleep here!) For some reason 10 years doesn't seem so long to me afterall. I would say that just about everybody looks exactly the same. Is everybody using Oil of Olay or something? I hope everybody makes it to 20. Time for a nap...

9:37 PM 5/1/2002
I was so amazed the other day about what I couldn't find on this World Wide Internet! I was simply looking for an A440 sound clip so I could tune up. I challenge you to try! Well, forget because I just made my own and you can click here for it. I usually load it into Sound Forge and put it on a loop while I tune in bliss...happy happy happy.

9:53 PM 5/1/2002
I was looking at all the things I've written in the past...how bad I am about keeping this page current...I feel I must touch on some of what I've written...

3:44 PM 11/4/2003

Whew!!! It's been longer than a year since I updated. To re-cap on the past...Of course, I can't even begin to talk about Date with Dizzy, the first thought I ever wrote about in this space. I have never lost someone close to me. It can be terrifying at times. All those memories, good and bad, are so controlling of my life right now.

I haven't played in a "band" in quite a while now. Shows are few and far between. I am itching to play live. I need to release the energy and flex my mind. I will make it happen soon.

I had been listening to the Radiohead album "Hail to the Thief" and a more obscure album by The Devils called "Dark circles." I also put together every Led Zeppelin studio album onto one DVD. I haven't made it through once yet! Lately, of course, I am on a project of archiving all of the music we created as Indigo, Floor 13, Brown, and Date with Dizzy. This involves the lenghty analog to digital conversion from cassette tapes and the added editing. It will be a while (and I haven't even begun on the video tapes)!

Mike and Katy are going strong and my longtime pal Jose Ramirez is now a certified CHP officer / Daddy.

I just served my last day on jury duty. It was quite a ride. It would be much to say it was "fun" but it would definitely be selling it short to say it was a negative experience. In the end it was a life lesson for me to meet complete strangers at such an odd time of my life and make friends. How long these friendships will last or how significant they will be remains to be seen. I would like them to continue but I don't even think that it matters. It is already a success in my eyes. That being said...give me a shout Craig, Marshall, Nicolette and Laurence. I'd love to hear what you are up to. Sorry if I mispelled anybody's name.

I was thinking it might be a bit odd to some people that I rarely write about my girlfriend and I yet I touch on just about everything else in my life. Well folks, this is simply one area in my life that I won't discuss on the Internet. I'm sure the reasons are obvious. I will say this. We have been together for over 7 years and do almost everything together. Enough said!

I am going to concentrate on the Denis tribute pages for a while...see ya.