Hurts Me Like a Child

Today I’d like to share a track I recorded with my wonderfully talented friend Elysa Gomez. I’m sure you’ll agree she has quite a beautiful voice. She really made this song come alive. I remember almost being in tears (of joy!) when I first heard her sing it.

Now, I don’t like saying this because it sounds like I’m boasting but, I actually wrote the basic framework for this track when I was about 16 years old. I even have cassette tape proof of me attempting to sing it quite poorly. Oh, if that tape ever saw the light of day…Any how, I finally felt I had finished the song when I wrote the end section. It was one of those awesome moments when the parts just came to me all at once while I was in the shower.

It’s a simple love song, really. You long for someone, wonder how they feel about you, maybe get together with them yet, when you lose them, the middle is somehow an absent blur and gives way to the painful end. You simply have to let go even when hoping for a return to the past.

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Is it so wrong of me
to want your company?
You’ve made it clear to me
You say nothing’s forever

Remind me when you’re around
Can’t see two feet in front of me
I’m stumbling can’t you see…
Will you really not care for me?

I only wish I could see
The reflection of you in my window
‘Cause only then I’d see
Do I matter at all?

In dreams your picture I see
In smiles your laughter
There are many others around but
You only want what you can’t get

Last night you danced with me
Then reality wakes me
To be what I don’t want to be
Do you really not care for me?

I only wish I could see (the reflection of you)
The reflection of you in my window (’cause only then I’ll know)
‘Cause only then I’d see (the reflection of you)
Do I matter at all?

Been a long time…hurts me like a child…we don’t get along

So I have to let you go
Shouldn’t be this hard
Maybe I’ll just…
Take my chances
You’ll come home

It’s been a long time since I ran away but
It hurts me like a child when I hear you say
That we don’t get along over and over again

I’ve been around now long enough to know
That you really don’t love me if it doesn’t show but
I don’t know how to live so I’ll follow you anyway